Discussion Questions — SHELVED UNDER MURDER

  1. SHELVED UNDER MURDER returns the reader to Taylorsford, Virginia, but this time in the fall. Did you feel that the author created a clear sense of this being set in different season than the first book, A MURDER FOR THE BOOKS? Why or why not?
  2. Do you have a favorite character in this installment of the series? Have you changed your mind/feelings about any character(s) from book one?
  3. How much did you know about the fine art market before reading this book? Were you surprised by the information about the prevalence of theft and forgery in the art world?
  4. Richard bases his dance piece, Return, on the Orpheus and Eurydice legend. Is this a myth you are familiar with? How do you think this ties-in with the character’s own life experiences? Can you think of other artists, writers, filmmakers, etc. who clearly explore themes related to important aspects of their own lives?
  5. This time around, Amy does most of her research online. How do you prefer to gather information or do research—online, in books or other print sources, from videos or other media, or from direct conversations with experts? If you prefer one method over the other, why?
  6. Did what you learned about art dealer Kurt Kendrick’s background change your opinion of him? Do you believe he is telling more of the truth in this book, or is he still “playing” people to achieve his own ends?
  7. Amy claims to sense the presence of the artist when she views certain art works., like a slippage of time. Have you ever had a similar experience when visiting a museum or a historic site?
  8. In this book, Lydia comes to terms with some hard truths about her late husband. Why do you think she resisted the truth for so long?  Do you think her loyalty was admirable, or misplaced?
  9. In that same vein, what do you think about Hugh Chen’s statement that people often create an illusion around a lost love—turning it into something it would never have been if that relationship had continued? Why do you think the opposite idea—that there is only “one true love” in our lives—is so prevalent in books, films, or other media?
  10. Why do you think Amy decided to keep Kurt’s secret at the end of the book? Do you have an opinion on how he truly feels about her? If so, why do you think he might feel that way?