Discussion Questions — PAST DUE FOR MURDER


  1. PAST DUE FOR MURDER is set in the spring, and highlights an upcoming May Day festival. Have you ever heard of, or participated in such a festival? Obviously, the festival fits with the season depicted in the book, but can you think of other reasons why the author included it?
  2. Do you have a favorite character in this installment of the series? Have you changed your mind/feelings about any character(s) from books one and two?
  3. History once again plays a role in the story, not just older history, like the missing girls from the late 1800s, but also the personal history of many of the characters. What did you think was the most surprising revelation from the backgrounds of specific characters in the series?
  4. Amy has a few moments in this book where she seems to lose her trust in Richard. Do you believe her reaction was reasonable, or not? How much do you think someone’s past personal experiences affect their level of trust?
  5. What did you learn about both Richard and Amy from the scenes that included their parents? If anything, what did those scenes help you understand about Amy and Richard, and also other characters in the series?
  6. Did Kurt Kendrick’s relationship with Mary Gardener change your impression of him? Do you think he is completely trustworthy at this point, or not?
  7. What was your first impression of Delbert Frye? Did you change your opinion as the book progressed, and if so, why?
  8. The mountain lights folklore in this book has actually been transplanted from tales of the Brown Mountain Lights in North Carolina. Have you ever heard of that mysterious phenomenon? Why do you think such stories persist, despite many scientific claims that the mysteries have been “solved”?
  9. Music plays a major role in this book. What is your favorite type of music? Your least favorite? Why do you feel that way?
  10. What is your explanation for the mountain lights in this book? In a similar vein, what do you think about Mary Gardener’s belief in “The Folk”? Do you believe there was something supernatural at work in this book? Why or why not?