Discussion Questions: BOOKED FOR DEATH

Discussion Questions: BOOKED FOR DEATH – Booklover’s B&B series, book one

  1. Booked for DEATH is set in a small, historic town in coastal North Carolina. How much did you know about this area before reading the book? What do you think is the most memorable aspect of Beaufort after reading this book?
  2. Who’s your favorite character in the book? Why?
  3. What did you think about Charlotte at the beginning of the book? Did your opinion of her change while you were reading? Do you think she changed due to the events of the book?
  4. Were you surprised by the reveal of Isabella and Ellen’s true relationship? Do you feel they actually were close friends, or merely colleagues?
  5. Why do you think Ellen is so reluctant to share certain aspects of Charlotte’s family history with her? Why do you think Charlotte is so determined to discover the truth? Have you ever had any similar experiences with uncovering family secrets?
  6. What do you think about Ellen, especially once you learn her actual history? She has a somewhat questionable background, at least in terms of keeping secrets and playing a role to deceive others. Do you enjoy reading about a rather “gray” character like Ellen, or do you prefer your characters more clearly delineated as good or bad?
  7. Charlotte’s family history plays a large role in the book.  What do you think such a history means to the present generation? What clues did you pick up earlier in the book that may have led you to believe Isabella was not what she seemed?
  8. How do you feel about the murderer in this book? Do you think she deserved a severe punishment for her crime? Why or why not?
  9. How does the heroic sacrifice of Charlotte’s husband affect her, especially in terms of the events in BOOKED FOR DEATH?
  10. Had you read anything written by Josephine Tey before reading this book? Did the book pique your interest in reading this author’s works? Do you have any ideas why Victoria Gilbert chose Tey as the author at the center of Booked for Death’s celebration?
  11. Did you like the resolution of the mystery? Do you think Charlotte will be tempted to investigate more murder cases in the future?