The Hunter and Clewe Mysteries will be published by Crooked Lane Books.

Two books are currently under contract, for publication in 2023 and 2024.


A CRYPTIC CLUE — Book One in the Hunter and Clewe Mysteries

To be published by Crooked Lane Books July 11, 2023


Forced into early retirement from her university job, 60-year-old librarian Jane Hunter is seeking a new challenge, as well as money to supplement her rather meager pension. Brilliant, wealthy, but socially awkward 33-year-old Cameron “Cam” Clewe also needs something—an archivist or librarian to inventory his ever-expanding collection of books and artifacts. It’s a perfect match, or could be, if a practical older woman and a socially inept young man can figure out how to work together.

Along with Cam and his twenty-something personal secretary, Lauren Walker, Jane’s delighted to uncover the secrets of Cam’s latest acquisition, a treasure trove of items related to classic mystery and detective authors. She even finds Cam’s rotating roster of guests—mostly older authors and scholars as eccentric as himself—amusing. But her new life is upended by the discovery of a body in Cam’s library. Unfortunately, the victim, heir to a local North Carolina pharmaceutical fortune, is the last in the long line of Cam’s failed romances.

Now a prime suspect in a murder investigation, Cam vows to use his intelligence and deductive skills to clear his name. But with agoraphobia and an inability to navigate social situations limiting his reach, Jane, along with Lauren and a few of the scholarly guests, must help Cam prove his innocence.

If he is innocent, of course—a question haunting Jane, especially when “accidents” befall several people involved in the case. Seeking answers to a puzzle that could only have been devised by someone as brilliant as her new boss, Jane must step into the role of possible adversary as well as amateur sleuth—a choice that could put her livelihood, and her life, on the line.