I’ve been blessed to have recently signed contracts for two new deals.


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Official PM Announcement of Books 6 & 7 in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series!

The series continues!

Books 1-4 are already published, and Book Five, A DEADLY EDITION, is coming out in Dec. (preorders already available!) Now you can look forward to books six and seven as well.

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Publication Date Change on BOOKED FOR DEATH – Now 8/11/20

Due to COVID-19 related delays in the publishing world, BOOKED FOR DEATH will now be published on August 11th.

It will be available in hardcover, eBook, and audio book.


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Seven Years, Eleven Books!

At home, taking stock of a lot of things, including all the books I’ve written over the past seven years!

Here’s a visual representation of the books I’ve completed since 2013. (One, A Touch of Magic, is an anthology that includes my short story, The Cat and the Conjurers).

Not shown: Two completed adult scifi novels that I have shelved for now. (I do plan to write book three in the trilogy and self-pub. all three at some point). Also, I have added a separate picture of A DEADLY EDITION’s cover, since that book doesn’t come out until Dec. so I don’t even have ARCs for that book yet. But it is written! Which brings my total of actual books completed to 11, plus one long short story!




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I am thrilled to announce that I have signed a three book contract with Crooked Lane Books for my Blue Ridge Library Mystery Series.

Book One — A MURDER FOR THE BOOKS — will be published in December 2017, with the next two books releasing later in 2018 and in early 2019.

My editor is Faith Black Ross, who acquired the books for Crooked Lane. My agent, Frances Black of Literary Counsel, brokered the deal.

I’ve discovered a great love for writing mysteries (it makes sense, as I have always loved to read them) so I am very excited to embark on this new writing adventure.

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