Coming from Snowy Wings Publishing — pub. date TBD

She can create lifelike visions from any source of light, including a single match, but all the half-frozen young girl really wants is a home.

When village healer Varna Lund rescues Lela, she discovers the girl doesn’t know her last name, exact age, or where she was born. Fleeing a fortune teller who “sold” her to a sorceress, Lela escaped with the aid of magician from her traveling carnival. But Lela knows the sorceress will never stop hunting her, seeking to enhance her own power by exploiting Lela’s magical gifts.

Convincing university lecturer Kai Thorsen and his ice-eyed wife, Thyra, to take Lela into their home, Varna enlists the help of her sister and brother-in-law, and a young mill manager, to reunite Lela with her real family. The friends, aided by an enchantress, hide Lela. But when a terrible sickness strikes the countryside, Lela fears for her magician friend’s life and risks exposure to save him, forcing Varna to follow her into the wild.

Finding the magician is simple. Who he is, complicates everything. Thrust into a conflict with an evil sorceress whose power is only equaled by her disdain for mortals, Varna vows to protect Lela, whatever the cost. Even if that means sacrificing her life as well as her heart.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl,” ORB OF LIGHT is a sequel to SCEPTER OF FIRE.