Book Three in The Blue Ridge Library Mystery series — PAST DUE FOR MURDER — will be published by Crooked Lane Books in early 2019.

The elusive lights that appear in the mountains near the historic small town of Taylorsford, Virginia aren’t the only mystery bedeviling library director Amy Webber in PAST DUE FOR MURDER, the third book in the Blue Ridge Library Mystery series.

When the mayor decides to revive the town’s long-defunct May Day celebration in order to boost Spring season tourism, the public library sponsors a research project and presentation by local folklore expert, Ramona Randolph. All seems well, until an April night bonfire held on the organic farm owned by the family of Amy’s best friend, Sunny. While Mona relates the legend of two 19th century girls who disappeared after being lured away by what the old folk call the “fairy lights,” a university student vanishes.

Shockingly, the net the local authorities cast in their search for the missing girl entangles Amy’s boyfriend, Richard Muir. Not only is he the young woman’s dance instructor, he also has no alibi for the night she vanished, or at least not one he’ll divulge, not even to Amy. This troubling situation is exacerbated by the reappearance of Amy’s former boyfriend, who’s mourning the loss of his latest lover in a tragic, unsolved accident, and who may be looking to Amy for a little tea and sympathy. Mix in an abandoned kitten, an awkward meeting between Amy and Richard’s parents, and the suspicious behavior of numerous residents and visitors, and Amy’s soon convinced that the fairies really might have cursed her town.

After the missing student is discovered lost in the mountains, with no memory of recent events— and a dead body lying nearby—the list of suspects grows as fast as kudzu. Amy must use her innate curiosity and considerable research skills to uncover the clues needed to solve yet more perplexing mysteries in PAST DUE FOR MURDER the enchanting third installment in Victoria Gilbert’s Blue Ridge Library Mystery series.