Book Four — BOUND FOR MURDER — will be published by Crooked Lane Books on Jan. 7, 2020.

Nothing puts a damper on an election campaign faster than the discovery of an actual skeleton in a candidate’s closet.

Navigating the minefield of wedding planning, library director Amy Webber happily makes time to assist her friend, Sunshine “Sunny” Fields, in her bid for the office of mayor of Taylorsford. There’s only one problem — human remains are discovered on the farm owned by Sunny’s grandparents. Former “flower children” who ran a commune on the farm for a few years back in the 1960s, Carol and P.J. Fields can offer no explanation for the bones unearthed on their farm, especially when forensic examination reveals that the death was neither natural nor accidental.

With her grandparents facing criminal charges, Sunny’s mayoral race appears doomed. Amy vows to use her research skills to clear the names of her best friend’s family, even if it means neglecting things like selecting a wedding dress or reception venue.  Aided by Richard, Sunny, Aunt Lydia, and an investigative reporter who appears smitten with Sunny, Amy researches the members of the old commune to reveal the truth. Unfortunately, her investigation also uncovers the possible involvement of Kurt Kendrick – who once dealt drugs instead of art.

When another of the former hippies are killed, Amy realizes that either a frenemy may once again be displaying the dark side to his enigmatic personality, or someone who once preached peace and love is now intent on murder. Amy must discover the truth before she and her friends and family fall victim to someone’s not-so-groovy past.